Recipes Inspired by the Farmers’ Market

20 thoughts on “Recipes Inspired by the Farmers’ Market”

  1. All of your photos look fantastic – I especially like the basil shot and the last shot of the pasta. And your little one is getting so big! Time flies. :) This pasta sounds great. It’s funny, I’m normally a pasta junkie, but I don’t tend to think of it too often in the summer months. What was I thinking?!

  2. I promise to try the pasta. Have made five berry cobblers to date — first four with blueberries and the last with fresh sliced peaches — oh, yum!!! Were in Mackinaw City yesterday –perfect 70 plus, sunny day with gorgious high white clouds above — the main street was jammed with cars and people. Visited the old (1883) two story rail station I am fascinated with and enjoyed a glass of beer on its veranda. Ray was taken with all the tourists, cars and the ferries which we watched comig and going from the island from a spot on the shore after we left the station. Michigan is awesome. Love, Gram

    1. I wish we had good blueberries and peaches here! They never taste good like the ones you can get in Michigan. I had forgotten how beautiful it is. And living here with 100+ degrees temperatures every day makes me want to move back, haha.

  3. Laura – your cupcakes in this month’s Oklahoma Living are lovely. I can never get my icing to look like that – what tips do you use? I have used star tips but i guess they are too small?

    1. Thanks so much! It is a really big tip. I think it’s a #12 star tip. I enjoyed reading your derby story by the way – I thought it was a great story idea.

  4. I loved your slow cooker recipes in Oklahoma Living, especially the adobo chicken. I am hooked on the crock pot now, so easy and dinner is mostly done by the time I get home plus the house smells yummy! Would love to see some more slow cooker ideas!

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