Five-Minute, Three-Ingredient Lemon Mousse

A storm of Brazilian foods has rained upon my kitchen this week! From coxinha and kibe to carequinha and beiju, I have enjoyed learning several new recipes from my mother-in-law. Today, she made us this Lemon Mousse with some small lemons (I think that’s what they are–they’re the size of key limes but yellow rather than green) we found at the Mexican … Continue reading Five-Minute, Three-Ingredient Lemon Mousse

Arroz e Feijão

This weekend Vovo (Josue’s grandma) and I cooked two staple Brazilian dishes. Rice… and beans. When we first got married, I cooked a meal with potatoes for the starch and Josue asked, “Where’s the rice?” He grew up eating rice and beans every day. On the other hand, we didn’t eat a lot of rice … Continue reading Arroz e Feijão

Brigadeiros = Delicious Brazilian Chocolates

A picture is worth more than any words I can use to describe these delicious Brazilian chocolates…you have to try them to understand. They good news is they’re very easy to make. Brigadeiros 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1 tablespoon margarine 3 tablespoons Nesquik Chocolate sprinkles Grease a platter. On another platter, place 40-45 small … Continue reading Brigadeiros = Delicious Brazilian Chocolates