Three Things I Love About Michigan

12 thoughts on “Three Things I Love About Michigan”

  1. Great pics! Now I really want to get up there again. It’s easily one of the places I crave the most. Thanks for the shout-out with the recipes. Have you guys ever eaten at Stella’s? That was definitely our favorite dinner, and we just drank our bottle from 45 Vineyard! That was definitely a good winery. Another good one is L. Mawby’s. Oh, I need to get back up there!!!! :) Thanks for sharing the pics and bring back some good memories for me.

    1. I don’t think I’ve been to Stella’s. Is it in Traverse City? We want to visit some more vineyards next time we go – it was a lot of fun. We wanted to go to Chateau Chantal but we didn’t have time. Have you been there? It looks really beautiful and they have a Bed and Breakfast there as well.

      1. Yep, Stella’s is in TC. It’s in the old state assylum. Creepy place but cool too, and the restaurant is AMAZING! We did make it to Chateau Chantal. The wine was good, but we were very unimpressed with the service in the tasting room. Perhaps it was just the server that we had, but I was so irritated I didn’t want to buy a bottle. (We did though because Mike liked it so much. ;) ) The views were amazing and worth the stop. Our two favorites were Chateau Grand Traverse ( and Bowers Harbor (

    1. Thanks, Leo. I need to do a story with you sometime! Bruno always talks about how great of a cook you are. I can’t wait to try your food! Maybe you can show me how to cook some real Italian dishes :)

  2. My daughter lived in Michigan for 7 years and now that she is back in Canada, she missed Michigan a lot.
    I see you managed to sneak in a mention of ice cream! heh heh.

  3. I love this post! I definitely want to plan a trip there for next summer, it would be amazing! We could stay on walloon lake or lake charlevoix. We can stay for a week and plan all sorts of adventures…I would love to go to a few more vineyards, maybe we could go to an orchard and pick fruit. I would love to take Rut to mackinaw island and bike around it. We can eat BC pizza, Kilwins, Red Mesa…and maybe a few other good places (no corky’s…hehehe). Also, we can take turns making meals, brazilian, thai….and maybe some homemade ice cream!! Miss you lots! Can’t wait for Christmas!

    1. I can’t wait for Christmas either, and yes, we definitely need to plan another Michigan trip soon! I have to get some fudge and a twister!

  4. Hello there girls! Nice blog Laura. I enjoyed the pictures too. Last summer Uncle Fred and I did the wines in the Leelanau Peninsula and TC. Good wines from Chateau Chantel! Still have some in the fridge from that trip! Naughty Red is worth tasting and pair it with some great food and you have a winner. Maybe you’ll let me know when you plan on a week up north next year. Love to join you! I am going to check out your site- need some appetizer recipes! Love you girls- Happy Birthday Rach!
    Aunt Kathleen

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