Ice Cream or Gelato?

9 thoughts on “Ice Cream or Gelato?”

  1. What a gorgeous dessert! I can taste it now. I love lemon ice cream and I think it’s so fun to eat it out of the actual fruit. I just learned about the difference between gelato and ice cream a few weeks ago in a gelato shop. I agree…the Italians are smart! Not to mention fabulous cooks! ;)

  2. Love gelato. Grew up in Montreal where there was a large Italian population so lots of gelato! yum. I love how you’ve served this. Creative and pretty.

    1. Thanks! Have you ever made it before? I wish that I could make it but I guess you can’t make gelato in a normal ice cream maker because it aerates it too much.

      1. What kind of ice cream freezer are you using? Table top or one with ice and rock salt? If table top, what brand? I have not had much luck with those.

  3. Novell, I have this one, but mine’s an older model I bought from a friend for $10. It works really well as long as the liquid is chilled when you pour it into the ice cream maker. The restaurant I worked in had this one, which is nice because you don’t have to chill the bowl before you make ice cream.

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