The Wedge, OKC = Great Pizza, Great Date Night

15 thoughts on “The Wedge, OKC = Great Pizza, Great Date Night”

    1. Thanks, Cindy. I liked the picture too :) I hope you get to try it. Also, I heard “The Wedge” in Tulsa is good. Have you been there?

  1. what a neat place you found. I love that they grow their own veggies and herbs. It’s nice when at a point of tiredness and frustration, something special happens.

  2. What a bummer about the hotel and the ear infection for the little one. We’v been through LOTS of those. Hopefully this will be a one and only for her. The pizza looks really good. Growing up in Chicago, I was spoiled by good pizza, so I rarely try pizza outside of the area (except in New York), but this looks like it might be worth a try. :) Very cool veggie garden too!

    1. We love Chicago-style pizza. We have a really good place here in Tulsa which is owned by a family from Chicago. Josue went to Gino’s when he was in Chicago last year and said that he actually likes the one here better. Do you have a favorite pizza place in Chicago? Thankfully this is only Natalie’s second ear infection in her almost two years. But our niece and nephew had to get tubes because they got them so often. Hopefully that won’t be the case for her!

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