Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Old”

    1. You’re right on those two! #2 is a set of candlesticks from my mom’s mom (or maybe my mom’s mom’s mom). #3 is my grandma’s rolling pin.

  1. #1 butter knives
    #4 a sugar spoon
    #5 a tassie maker (put the dough in the mini muffin pan (in a ball) squish this in the middle of the ball and it fills up around the sides…makes like a small crust
    #6 a melon baller

    I love kitchen utensils! (and I hope I am right…) ;o)

    1. You’re right about #1 – they’re silver plated butter knives from my mom’s mom. The date on one of them says 1940. The two matching ones say “Rogers Bros 1847,” but that’s probably just the year the company started. #4 is actually a Brazilian baby spoon. It’s bent to make it easier for the baby to feed him/herself :) I was told by my dad’s mom that #5 is a biscuit cutter that her mom gave her when she got married, but I guess it could be a tassie maker as well! And you’re correct that #6 is a melon baller from my mom’s mom. By the way, we still have the kitchen utensils and the utensil holder you gave us for our wedding :)

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