The Quest For The Perfect Burger

23 thoughts on “The Quest For The Perfect Burger”

  1. ciabatta bread buns = key to the perfect burger (the buns sold at Trader Joes are fresh, and delicious…or perhaps you could make your own:)?)

  2. This looks delicious! I know what you mean though…a great burger at home, still isn’t quite the same as a great burger at a restaurant. Still, these look like summer to me. :)

  3. 1)Ground sirloin – none of that lean stuff. Remember fat is flavor.
    2)Try a little minced onion or finely diced fresh sweet onion – I like the flavor it gives.
    3)Dales seasoning – no it’s not good for you but it tastes good.
    Sometimes I also mix a couple different kinds of ground beef as well like sirloin and chuck or something else.

    Just suggestions enjoy!

  4. On the burger quest, Bobby Flay is a purist. He says salt and pepper only. I think the ground beef is the secret. No grocery store carries a worthy product. Try Perry’s or Siegis.

  5. I use 2/3 ground beef. I get one from a store that grinds it there from scraps of roast meat. Then I use 1/3 part ground sausage. (So a double package of the ground beef and a regular package of sausage) The best flavor is from my Winco, it isn’t spicy or too sausage-y. It adds flavor. Then I pour quite a bit of bbq sauce and some Red Robin seasonings and mix it all together. I froze a bunch of it since we didn’t eat that much and it was still amazing from the freezer to the grill. I am not an expert but it does taste pretty darn good.

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