A Tribute To My Iron Skillet

8 thoughts on “A Tribute To My Iron Skillet”

  1. It’s funny you posted this…we were just talking about getting one of these. Both of our parents have them and they always seem handy. And you’re right…the non-stick variety just don’t seem to last as long. The fajitas look delicious!

    1. Thanks! I haven’t made cornbread in mine yet, but I will definitely use it when I do. What doesn’t she like about it? I know that my husband thinks it’s gross that he can’t use soap to clean it…so he just lets me wash it :)

  2. Laura, sorry I’m a little behind in reading your blog since we were in Hawaii. I just wanted to say that I got a Lodge cast iron skillet several weeks ago and love it! I’m planning to get a few more and ditch all of my non-stick ones since they’re so unhealthy to cook with (chemicals, yuck). I made pancakes in my skillet for the first time yesterday and they were sooo much tastier than they are when making them on my non-stick electric griddle (I’m going to get rid of that too). I also made crepes in it and they came out great. Those fajitas look delicious – I think I’ll have to add them to my menu for the week! (the skillet is great for homemade tortillas too) :)

    1. I hope you had a good trip! I got rid of all my nonstick ones too. I have a stainless set, but I use my iron skillet all the time. I agree that a lot of things taste better when made in the iron skillet. I still have to try the recipe you sent me for tortillas! I’ve never made good homemade ones before.

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