Arroz e Feijão

9 thoughts on “Arroz e Feijão”

  1. Great recipes. This is pretty much how I make my rice and beans, but I’ll have to try heating the rice first to toast it–sounds yummy. I love the flavor of bay leaves, too. I’ve not used parsley, though–not a big fan. I usually use cilantro. Thanks for sharing all your recipes. Good luck with the daily posting!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I agree that’s the normal way of making beans. I had never put parsley in my beans before, but they turned out well. I’ll have to try the cilantro sometime. I hope you like the toasted rice :)

  2. Laura, please clarify – after soaking the beans do you drain them? I have found that rinsing my beans after soaking them removes most of whatever causes the embarrassing flatulence.
    PS: I love your blog!

  3. Hi … I am from Brazil .. but I am leaving for one year in th Usa … I miss so much that foods .. was really good food recipes I can use Here
    Thanks so muchhh :)

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