Saturday breakfast: homemade cinnamon rolls

6 thoughts on “Saturday breakfast: homemade cinnamon rolls”

  1. yum I will make these tomorrow…except what is mace? I’m sure i don’t have it is that ok? No cream cheese either, but that is ok, I will just make a butter icing. :)

    1. Hey Kathy, Mace is a spice. I looked it up in a food science book and it says that it’s the “red covering of nutmeg” and it has a flavor that’s similar to, but more delicate than, nutmeg. You don’t have to use it though. It will be fine with out it :) I hope you enjoy.

  2. I found an especially gooey and kid-friendly recipe for cinnamon rolls…
    Using a tube of crescent rolls, roll a large marshmellow inside, then dip the seam side in melted butter and cinnamon sugar mixture. Place in greased muffin tin (with a little extra cinnamon sugar in the bottom) and bake. Place on cookie sheet or line oven bottom with tinfoil for any spill over and when they are done the marshmellow has DISAPPEARED. Like I said, cool “magic” for kids, and easy for them to help in the assembly.

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